Unwanted Garden Guests

Everyone loves to share their gardens with guests, however some are more welcome than others. When in nature, remember there is The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly. Insects can be beneficial or really annoying. Before you call in the pros to spray your garden, try these natural methods to keep your garden parties bug free.

  • Cook with Spice! Bugs hate many of the more fragrant plants. By placing different herbs, such as Sage and Rosemary, onto the coals as you cook provides a deterrent as well as natural air freshener. Everyone will kiss the cook for this one!
  • Sure you have heard about insect repellent plantings. They actually work! Citronella, Chrysanthemum, and Lavender are a few examples. They are attractive in pots and can be moved around to not only keep bugs at bay but also provide a pleasant barrier against sweaty guests. Do yourself a favor and avoid any Mint plants. They are highly invasive and will take over your garden in no time.
  • Marigolds – not just your grandma’s favorite plant. A lot of people turn up their noses at Marigolds. “Old fashioned” people say. Well, bugs turn up their noses, too. Use that to your advantage. There are all new cultivars of Marigolds today that make very attractive containers. You can even use these as table decorations and centerpieces.
  • When making a salad, don’t skimp on the ‘cukes. Cucumbers are a natural ant deterrent. Sliced cucumber placed around the legs of tables and chairs will keep these pesky food thieves at bay. Worried everyone will wonder about the cucumbers on the ground? Here’s a tip: Grate them and disguise them in the grass or mulch. Problem solved.

Sure, bugs are annoying but you don’t have to drop an Atomic Bomb in the back yard to make it enjoyable. Nature always has a solution, if you just know where to look. Happy gardening!

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